(2014) Doodle Books
- Paint books full of artwork
- Share the books online
- Fast pencil, erase, magnify, smudge and blur
- Share painting across multiple devices

(2014) Crayon
- Paint easily with big buttons
- less text
- simple menus

(2013) Almost Pinball
- Multi-flippers
- Multi-ball
- for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

(2012) Yeti World Cup for the iPad
- Deep in the Himalayas, Yetis battle to crown a new King. Are you beastly enough for the challenge?
- Experimental Gameplay that riffs on the button masher genre of Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.
- 2-Player with split-screen for intense head-to-head action.

(2011) Spider Queen game for the iPad
- 3 modes of gameplay for the iPad!
- 25 levels!
- 3 levels of difficulty
- Single Player
- Sound FX

(2010) Colorblind Assistant for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
- identifies the hue, saturation and lightness
- identifies the colors by name
- highlights the identified pixels
- provides edge detection
- color boost

(2009) Feeble Breed for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Feeble Breed is a cartoon avatar designer.
The artist Steelee Faltis created all of the characters for this app.

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