The Doodle Books app is the only one you need for creating sketches, doodles, drawings, and notes.
  This app is FAST, FUN and EASY to use!

  Create online library & share!

  FEATURES: sketch paper, color pencils, erasers, magnifying glass, smudge finger, and water blur.

  CANVAS SIZE: 1024x1024 pixels

  UNDO: 15 levels

  VIDEO: Record a video your while you paint, or narrate a completed book! With or without the front-facing camera!

  VIDEO FASTPAINT: Record video at 32/32 Frames Per Second or create time-lapse with 1/32, 4/32, or 8/32 FPS!

  MULTI DEVICE: Using Facebook login, you can choose to create a sketchbook online, which is available to all of your devices.

  PUBLIC or PRIVATE: Using Facebook login, a change an online sketchbook's "mode" from private to public, and it will be available for viewing in the public gallery.





June 18, 2014
Version 1.3 now available!
March 27, 2014
App submitted to Apple.
(Many Rejections)
Not allowed to use multiplayer with a non-game.
May 8, 2014
App accepted into App Store!



Brook Seaton - - copyright 2015